Psycle, Why It’s My Sanity & Why I’ll Talk About It To Anyone Who Will Listen

I can’t remember the exact reason I started going to Psycle.  Most likely, a colleague’s suggestion, looking for a class nearby to work and with an introductory offer we had nothing to lose.

Arriving, not knowing what the class was going to be like but with the mindset of “I’ve done many spin classes this will be fine”. We arrived to the friendly reception staff, making sure we had what we needed, bike shoes, water, pre-order of a smoothie, how to work the lockers and signing us in. So far so good which only gets better with the facilities in the changing room which stocks everything a woman/man could possibly need therefore nothing but kit to carry with you.

Both changed ready to go we setup, shoes clipped in, towel already on the bike, water & earplugs (yes I wear earplugs to save my eardrums but also because music that is too loud makes me anxious). Countdown from the motivational voice of the instructor begins and help is at hand from the team who are there until the warm-up track is completed for things such as seat adjustments.

And here we go……from then on it’s all energy, emotion (yes emotion) and strength. If you have some rhythm it helps with staying on the beat but either way you don’t feel judged at all.  With the constant encouragement and emphasis on getting your posture right first, you feel in safe hands. The pace, intensity and variety of moves makes this a complete body workout and boy do you feel it, from weights tracks to hill climbs, sprints and upper body work. But the most magical thing about it is that you never want to give up, you constantly want to push yourself, feeling completely and utterly energised when you leave the class.

The vibe that has been created here is truly magical and for any beginner believe me when I say it isn’t intimidating. For me, other than feeling like I have had a detox every time I complete a class, the thing I love the most about it is how it helps with your mindset. After a long day in the office, overthinking about the evening/week ahead, what you need to still achieve that day, switching off and being mindful of how you are feeling in the class letting go of anything else is incredibly empowering. This class and the people have subconsciously helped me through some tough times.

I try and go to two classes per week because it fits with my schedule. It’s not cheap but in perspective it’s less than an average gym Personal Training session. I mix it up with the classes I attend depending on work travel.  The 5.15pm on a Monday is my usual slot which Rhian previously ran initially and is now 60 min with Natalie helping keep my sanity and my weekly fix! I’m truly gutted if I miss this class and always leave energised, focused and ready to take on the week. Natalie makes you feel like you can pretty much achieve anything and is a true inspiration #Fitspiration.

So, now I understand why all these Psycle lovers can’t stop tweeting praise for this place which made me realise that trying something new could lead you to something that will make an impact on my life.

Go on, give it a go, try something completely new this week, put yourself out there & see what you discover! #Psyclecommunity #Psycleaddict #classreview

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